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Nitinol Processing

Nitinol Tube Shape SetLaserage possesses a proven track record in creating miniaturized, laser-processed Nitinol components for use across various industrial verticals. With miniaturization becoming an inevitable reality in practically every industrial sector, the demand for precision Nitinol laser processing has seen an upward surge—and we have addressed this rising demand with our Nitinol forming and shape setting acumen.

Why Nitinol?

The excellent elasticity and shape memory of Nitinol (Nickel Titanium) make it a preferred material for applications pertaining to the medical, aerospace, industrial and consumer sectors.

Nitinol demonstrates MRI- and bio-compatibility, as well as resistance to bending, making it a much sought-after material in the medical device manufacturing sector. It is widely used for producing stents, dental implants, orthopedic implants, guide wires and invasive surgical tools.

Experts in Nitinol Laser Processing

The possibilities of the application of laser machined Nitinol components are endless. Laserage leads the way in making these possibilities a reality with our Nitinol laser processing expertise.

Nitinol processing calls for precision and controlled environments at every stage; be it melting, machining or finishing operations. We customarily produce Nitinol components in flat, cylindrical or compound geometries for OEMs worldwide.

Capabilities Overview:

  • Our facility features salt-pot furnaces that can be used for heat treating small Nitinol components in a molten salt bath. Molten salt bath processing allows for rapid heat transfer and closely controlled temperatures.
  • Laserage possesses numerous laboratory ovens used for forming and shape setting Nitinol.
  • Laserage has developed proprietary techniques to achieve complex electropolishing processes to meet stringent industry codes.
  • We are a one-stop source for testing Nitinol components, ensuring compliance to international codes.

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