Experts in Precision Laser Component Manufacturing

Laser Drilling

Small hole sample3Laserage offers precision laser drilling as an alternative to mechanical drilling, punching, broaching and wire EDM. It is especially adaptable for small holes with large depth-to-diameter ratios. With laser drilling, a wide range of hole diameters are obtainable. The laser is so fast and so repeatable that it is particularly ideal for high production volumes associated with fully automated or semi-automated tooling applications.

Laser drilling is the process of repeatedly pulsing focused laser energy at a material, vaporizing layer by layer until a thru-hole is created. This is what is called a “popped” or “percussion drilled” hole. Depending upon material and material thickness, a “popped” hole could be as small as 0.002″ in diameter. If larger hole diameters are required, the laser, once through the material, is moved with respect to the work piece to contour the desired diameter. This is called “trepanning”. The end result is a fast, efficient way to create quality holes.


  • No drill breakage or tool wear – Due to the non-contact process
  • Unlimited hole sizes and shapes – Due to the programming flexibility
  • Drill holes on angled and curved surfaces – Due to the non-contact process and multi-axis capability
  • Ability to drill both hard and soft materials – Due to the non-contact cutting process
  • Cost competitive – Due to the fast drilling cycles, no consumable costs and minimal downtime

Proven Applications

  • Drilled Pyrex and quartz glass substrates
  • Drilled and trepanned electrical grade ceramic
  • Drilled Delron nozzles
  • Drilled “bleed” holes in powdered metal parts
  • Drilled “bleed” holes in various industrial components
  • Drilled small diameter holes in polycarbonate tubing


Materials such as stainless steel, nickel alloys, titanium alloys, aluminum alloys, copper alloys, brass, fused quartz substrates, ceramic substrates, plastic and rubber are all being successfully laser drilled.

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