Experts in Precision Laser Component Manufacturing

Component Modification

Component Modification 1Our Precision Cutting & Welding Group provides an alternative for customers who need additional features placed in Pre-Fabricated Components. Typically these components are manufactured from cast, deep drawn, extruded, hydro formed, injection molded, machined, spun or stamped products. Laserage specializes in customization of pre-fabricated components for the Medical, Aerospace and Industrial applications by cutting holes, slots, other geometric shapes and trim cuts into the sidewalls of these products. We provide these services from the R&D stage through high volume production run quantities. In addition we also offer complete process validations.

We offer custom tooling solutions to meet your needs from R&D prototype to production. Our tooling engineers utilize over 30 years of experience in creating custom fixtures, tools and systems to maximize efficiency and productivity.

Advantages of laser processing include fast inexpensive prototype parts; little or no tooling & intricate close tolerance cut features. Lasers offer small heat affected zones (HAZ) which reduce part distortion and provide a high degree of repeatability. Laser modifications allow the most cost effective manufacturing method to be used in producing the master blank, while still meeting the requirements of the design on close tolerance or intricate features. Laser processing provides flexibility in designs by allowing one master blank to be utilized for multiple end products thus saving on overall manufacturing costs. Laserage has produced parts in a broad range of metals such as: aluminum, brass, copper, Kovar, Invar, molybdenum, nickel, Nitinol, platinum iridium, tantalum, titanium, tungsten, stainless steels, spring steels & many more. We routinely process plastic based pre-fabricated components as well.


  • Adding a wide range of geometric features and trimming to a prefabricated part that the current manufacturing process may not allow
  • Ability to drill both hard and soft materials
  • Cost competitive – Due to the fast drilling cycles, no consumable costs and minimal downtime

Proven Applications

  • Drilled “bleed” holes in pistons
  • Drilled Delrin nozzles
  • Drilled large diameter holes in deep drawn aluminum heat lamps
  • Trimmed pace maker lids