Experts in Precision Laser Component Manufacturing

Ceramic Substrates

Ceramic-Laser-7-5x5Our large inventory of raw substrates and state-of-the-art laser systems allow us to perform a number of processing services in order to manufacture high-quality ceramic products. When ceramic stock requires tight tolerances, precise drilling and delicate cuts, you can depend on the experts at Laserage.

Our advanced laser equipment is fast, flexible and cost-effective—and lasers are an excellent, “better-tolerance” alternative to green punching and firing ceramic.


Laser scribing uses a series of pulsed laser energy to partially penetrate the ceramic substrate at pre-determined depth and spacing to facilitate part singulation.

Laser machining uses an intense focused laser light beam as a heat source to melt and vaporize material in its path. The result is a very narrow and consistent path or kerf machined thru the ceramic substrate to form any desired shape.

Laser drilling is the process of repeatedly pulsing focused laser energy at the ceramic, vaporizing layers until a thru-hole is created. This creates what is called a “popped” or “percussion drilled” hole, and can be done in a few milliseconds. Holes as small as 0.002″ in diameter can be rapidly drilled in a wide range of ceramic thicknesses. If a larger hole is required, the laser, once through the material, is moved with respect to the work piece to contour the desired diameter. This is called “trepanning”. The end result is a fast, cost effective way to produce precision, quality holes.


  • Cost effective due to the fast drilling cycles and no consumable costs
  • Fast inexpensive prototypes due to little or no hard tooling
  • Rapid design changes due to programming flexibility
  • No drill breakage or tool-wear due to the non-contact process
  • Holes as small as 0.002″ in diameter can be achieved
  • Unlimited hole sizes and shapes due to CNC programming flexibility
  • Intricate part cutting ability due to narrow kerf width
  • Efficient part nesting capability due to CNC programming flexibility

Proven Applications

  • Ceramic substrates for hybrid circuits in automotive applications
  • Ceramic substrates for commercial hybrid electronic applications
  • Small diameter and high density holes for hearing aid circuitry
  • Small laptop computer power supply circuits
  • Commercial and military microwave applications
  • Cellular telephone circuits
  • Ceramic substrates for LEDs