Sales Engineer

This is a 1st shift position in our Precision Cutting & Welding area. The duties of this position include responsibility for all daily communications with our customers relating to: answering customer inquiries; processing job estimates (quotations)and taking orders. Critical to the performance of this position is prompt customer follow-up, quick processing of quotations and effective communication with internal and external customers. Quotations include the costing of cycle times, materials, processing steps, consumables and tooling as necessary. Quotations include creating a clear presentation of the quote, the documentation of all processes and entry into our systems. Necessary skills for this position include: a Bachelor degree in Engineering related sciences or an Associate degree in a related technology field; demonstrated competence with mathematics to complete quotations and a working knowledge and understanding of prints. Successful candidate must be able to demonstrate the background or understanding of print control; including specifications, tolerances and product information on how this relates to prints. The ability to work and communicate professionally and effectively with internal and external customers/suppliers using appropriate documentation is key.

Resumes with salary requirements can be sent to:

Attn: HR Director
3021 N Delany Road
Waukegan, IL 60087
Fax: 847-856-2270