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Custom Laser Drilling for Anesthetic Delivery System

At Laserage, we can easily accommodate requests for complex components requiring multiple laser fabrication techniques and secondary processes.

The drawing depicted here is a cannula tube that is used as part of anesthetic delivery system for medical applications. The cannula is constructed of a white polycarbonate tube that we mark and drill using laser-based technologies. The laser marking is used for orientation of the tube and the 24 holes are drilled in a spiral pattern for delivery of the anesthesia. After drilling, the tube is cleaned using a deionized surface cleaning process and the end of the tube is melted to form and cap the cannula end according to the customer-provided specifications.

The finished tube measures 0.12” in diameter and is 7.875” long. We are required to hold hole tolerances to as tight as ±0.002” for this precision application. The tubes are 100% inspected using an automated inspection system to verify the relation of the holes with the orientation laser marking. AQL inspections are performed on the offset of the holes at the end of the tube, the hole diameter, and the total number of holes, and additional inspections are regularly performed to verify the rotation of the hole pattern.

Through 35 years of service, we have produced more than one million of these cannula tubes annually for this internationally-based customer—which illustrates that we have exceeded the customers’ expectations every single delivery. For additional information about this custom laser drilling project, see the table below or contact us directly.

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Specs: Custom Laser Drilling for Anesthetic Delivery System

Product Description

Cannula, part of an anesthetic delivery system for throat.

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Primary: Laser drilling holes into plastic tube

Secondary: Laser marking for orientation, drill 24 holes into tube in a spiral pattern, run tube thru Deionized surface cleansing process, tip the end of the tube (melt end to create cap) and form.

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

CO2 laser for holes, 1 micron laser for marks

Overall Part Dimensions

7.875” L x .12 dia

Tightest Tolerances

.006 +/-.002 hole

Material Used

White polycarb

In process testing/inspection performed

100% auto inspect to indicate holes are oriented to laser marks properly. AQL insp on offset of holes at end of part, AQL for # of holes on part, AQL hole dia. Reg occurring insp on rotation of holes.

Industry for Use



1,000,000+ annually

Delivery Location

Latin America (Costa Rica)

Standards Met

Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing