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Plug-free Vias

Laserage Guarantees Plug-Free Vias In Ceramic Substrates

Today’s circuitry is getting smaller and so are the vias that support it. But along with the benefits of increased circuit density and decreased laser drilling cost, there is a potential hazard – today’s smaller vias can become plugged much more easily by tiny particles of production debris.
The smaller the vias the easier they can become plugged. Laserage has responded to our customers’ request for guaranteed Plug-Free Vias. All laser- drilled holes 0.010″ or smaller in diameter will be inspected for plugs.
Laserage will improve your yields. If any via is found to be plugged, we open it – before you receive the substrate and invest many times its value in your processing costs.
Next time you specify a supplier for laser drilled ceramic, ask yourself this: “Can I afford not to know all my substrate’s vias are clear?”

Our unique equipment allows us to accomplish in seconds what time consuming manual inspection can never do – determine with 100% assurance that all vias in your substrate are clear.
Proven Highly Reliable Applications
Ceramic substrates for LEDs
Ceramic substrates for hybrid circuits in automotive applications.
Ceramic substrates for commercial hybrid electronic applications.
Small diameter and high density holes for hearing aid circuitry.
Small laptop computer power supply circuits.