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Micro-Abrasive Blasting

Micro-Abrasive Blasting

Micro-abrasive blasting, also known as micro-blasting or precision blasting, is a dry mechanical finishing process that removes oxides and other material from a metal component’s surface. During this process, a stream of abrasive, high pressure, micron-sized particles are forcibly propelled against the part or component; the stream used is driven through a small nozzle, which helps to focus and intensify the stream.

Micro-abrasive blasting offers several benefits: it can be used to coarsen a smooth surface or to reshape a surface; to remove coatings and various contaminants from a part; and to thoroughly clean tools with tight crevices.

This finishing process is particularly useful for applications in the medical industry; micro-abrasive blasting to sanitize surgical instruments (such as scalpels, drills, and scissors), to deburr hypothermic needles, and even to roughen threads of dental implants for stronger bonding properties.

At Laserage, we utilize an automated, multi-axis, micro-abrasive blasting process that is coupled with appropriately-sized abrasive media. These various components allow our team to uniformly prepare component surfaces each time—even when the most complex patterns are required.

While our micro-blasting technology is focused on surface preparation for the subsequent finishing process of electropolishing, it is also capable of being utilized to accurately remove a finite amount of material from metal components.