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Laserage Acquired by AMETEK, Inc.

We are eager to announce the joining of Laserage and AMETEK, Inc., a global manufacturer of electronic equipment and electromechanical devices with headquarters in Pennsylvania and more than 200 manufacturing facilities worldwide. With its far-reaching influence in a range of industries and strong interest in the advancement of Medical Components, AMETEK is the perfect channel through which Laserage can contribute to the medical device industry in a tremendously positive way.

Laserage will continue to operate as an integral business unit under AMETEK’s Engineered Medical Components Division and will maintain its locations in Waukegan, IL and Milpitas, CA. Laserage will remain focused on providing high quality laser processing, component assembly, and catheter development to its customers, as it has since 1979.

The acquisition of Laserage by AMETEK will be highly beneficial to customers, suppliers, and employees. As part of AMETEK’s Engineered Medical Components Division, Laserage will have the opportunity to pursue more aggressive growth by expanding its capabilities and penetrating  new markets and technologies. AMETEK offers Laserage greater financial stability, capital availability, and opportunities for internal growth than Laserage previously had access to.

A Note to Our Readers:

We appreciate the excellent relationship we’ve established together over the years, and we are eager to nurture it as the newest unit of AMETEK’s Engineered Medical Components Division. The potential to evolve our already-successful commercial partnership into something greater excites us, and we are appreciative of your continued support as we navigate through this advancement.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact a member of our team.

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