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Top Benefits of Laser Processing in Aerospace Applications

Lasers are an incredibly versatile tool, especially in the aerospace industry. Though they are most commonly thought of as a cutting medium, they can actually perform a wide variety of functions for various applications.

Aerospace Capabilities of Laser Processing

Laser WeldingOne unique aerospace application for a non-cutting laser capability is hermetic laser sealing of electronic and optoelectronic packages.

Of the utmost importance for the proper functioning of planes, jets, and helicopters, electronic and optoelectronic packages are found throughout the electrical systems, critical and secondary alike, of aircraft. Packaging is used to protect delicate electronics from a wide range of potentially harmful elements, including:

  • Physical and mechanical damage caused in flight or during maintenance
  • Electrostatic discharge
  • Sudden or extreme fluctuations in temperature
  • Electric and static electric discharge
  • Radio frequency noise
  • Moisture
  • Airborne contaminants

Laser hermetic sealing is a highly specialized form of laser welding, developed specifically for high sensitivity applications such as package sealing. At Laserage, all of our package hermetic sealing is performed in our inert environment weld chamber — the enclosed laser equipment allows us to achieve precision seals while maintaining unparalleled contamination prevention.

While package hermetic welding is an excellent example of the benefits of laser processing over traditional manual processing in the aerospace industry, it is far from the only beneficial laser capability. There are a large number of other laser processes that the aerospace industry can use to their advantage, including:

  • General laser welding — Laser welding can be performed at higher temperatures than traditional welding and, thanks to its automated nature, produces highly consistent welds
  • Laser coating — Many powdered metal coatings for aircraft and satellite components can be laser fused, allowing for better coatings and improved component design adaptability
  • Laser drilling — Compared to standard mechanical drilling, laser drilling offers lower costs, shorter processing time, and greatly expanded capabilities, include high precision and complex geometries.

Benefits of Laser Processing

Laser processing offers many benefits to the aerospace industry: flexibility in design and manufacturing, fabrication of lighter components, reduced costs, and more.

Laserage, an ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 certified company, is a recognized leader and innovator in the laser processing industry. Our two facilities — located in Waukegan, Illinois and Milpitas, California — use fiber, disk, Femto, Nd:YAG, and custom designed C02 lasers offer a vast array of laser processing services for small, medium, and high volume jobs.

To learn more about the advantages that laser processing can offer the aerospace industry, specifically processes such as laser welding, download our latest eBook: A Guide to Laser Welding.

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