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The stent manufacturing industry increasingly serves not just cardiovascular applications, but other applications such as birth control, kidney stone pain control, and esophageal and gastro intestinal uses. Each of these medical uses calls for the use of precise design and technologically advanced manufacturing techniques.

Laserage utilizes its broad based experience in stent manufacturing to serve clients worldwide. Using our standard cutting equipment, the minimum achievable feature size is less than 0.002” (0.05mm).

Our state-of-the-art stent production equipment (lasers, optics, positioning systems, and CNC programs) becomes even better in the hands of our PTF engineering team that brings over 75 years of engineering know-how to your project. Laserage achieves all this while maintaining a fine balance between quality and costs.

Laserage’s precision laser processing services meet the ever-evolving requirements of OEMs worldwide. We are ISO 13485:2003 certified for our quality management system in medical manufacturing.

Our Expertise Is Your Competitive Advantage

Laserage boasts proven expertise in the precision laser processing of medical stents. We use the highest grade stent materials, cutting techniques, finishing techniques, and inspection techniques to provide you with reliable solutions that are suitable for the most challenging medical implants.

This, combined with Laserage’s established proficiency in Nitinol shape setting and forming gives our clients an unmatched advantage in a competitive global ecosystem. Nitinol is increasingly becoming the material of choice in stent manufacturing, dentistry, orthopedic implants, and surgical applications.

Laserage stands committed to increasing its quality and precision capabilities to sustain its 30-year legacy of excellence. For more information or details on how we can add value to your project, talk to one of our customer service representatives today.

For more information on precision laser processing, download our eBook, Developing Quality Medical Devices with Precision Laser Processing.

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