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Glove Box Welding

glove box weldingLaser welding minimizes the heat-affected zone to prevent damage to packaged components or to the material surrounding the weld. Through laser process selection and tight production control you will see constant weld depth and overlap, part to part.  Proper joint design and material selection will ensure consistent, strong, crack free welds.  Laserage (CA) has Nd;YAG, Yb-Fiber and CO2 systems for laser spot welding and laser contour seam welding.  We weld under a shield gas or use our Glove Box systems to bake and hermetically seal packages in an inert atmosphere.

Gross and fine Helium leak detection capabilities are deployed in-house to assure quality of the hermetic welds.

Glove Box Welding Glove Box Welding Glove Box Welding