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Nitinol Forming/Shape-Setting Services

Nitinol Forming/Shape-Setting Services

Forming13Shape setting and testing of Nitinol devices provides yet another means by which Laserage offers one-stop shopping. Utilizing our extensive experience, Laserage can design custom fixturing to produce cylindrical, flat or compound geometries from R&D prototypes to high-volume production. Our shape-setting staff boasts several years of experience and operates round-the-clock to meet customer needs.

Cutting-Edge Nitinol Shape-Setting Services

Nitinol shape setting forms an important element of the services provided by Laserage. Nitinol or nickel titanium is a truly unique material that demonstrates super-elasticity and shape memory. Taking advantage of these properties, it is possible to manufacture and configure Nitinol components in the desired shape for a myriad of applications. This, coupled with our precision laser-cutting abilities enables us to honor requests pertaining to Nitinol wire, sheet, ribbon, tubing, and more.

Given Nitinol’s increasing usage in the manufacture of stents, dentistry, orthopedic implants, and surgical applications, Laserage makes available cutting-edge expertise in Nitinol shape setting and forming.

The process of Nitinol forming and shape-setting calls for a high degree of materials expertise and controlled repeatable processes. From achieving the precise thermal manipulation parameters to custom fixturing, we handle all aspects of the shape-setting process with the highest skill levels.

Shape-Setting Furnaces

Temperature control in our shape-setting equipment has been optimized to attain the highest consistency possible from part-to-part and lot-to-lot.

Our Af testing can accommodate R&D prototype levels to multi-up volume testing to meet your needs while offering competitive pricing, short lead times and exceptional customer service unique to Laserage.