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The 3 Advantages of Glove Box Welding for Aerospace Applications

Laser welding has become an increasingly popular service for applications in the aerospace industry that require fast assembly and quality precision. The use of welding in the aerospace industry has faced restrictions in the past due to a lack of fully weldable aluminum alloys. However, thanks to the introduction of new materials, technologies and applications throughout the years, laser welding has not only gained momentum, but has proven to be an extremely valuable service in aerospace applications, both by minimizing heat-affected zones and preventing damage to packaged components.

In particular, glove box welding is an effective method for numerous aerospace applications. Also known as an inert gas chamber, a welding glove box  can be integrated using tungsten inert gases (TIG), vacuums or YAG-laser welding systems. Glove boxes provide alternative energy sources and come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and designs, proving to be a vital tool in the aerospace sector.

The Benefits of Glove Box Welding

Laserage Glove WeldingGlove box welding is a proficient service that plays a part in delivering reliable and repeatable process quality for welded aerospace materials. The top three benefits of glove box welding include:

  1. Clean welds – Weld chambers help prevent oxidation of materials (i.e. aluminum and titanium) by creating an atmosphere free of oxygen and moisture to safely produce aerospace parts.
  2. No defects – Glove box welding eliminates cracking due to atmospheric contamination, which leads to creating high quality welded joints.
  3. High cost-effectiveness – Parts can be transferred efficiently to the main chamber without manufacturers needing to manually operate expensive shielding gas systems.

How Laserage Can Help

Laserage can support your aerospace applications with full in-house laser processing capabilities. We offer application welding under a shield gas, or  employ the use our Glove Box systems  for vacuum baked and hermetically sealed packages in an inert atmosphere. Process protocols compliant with AWS D17, and MIL-STDs 202, and 883, we offer gross and fine Helium leak detection capabilities, and embrace ESD handling, all of which are implemented in-house to assure ultimate quality and reliability for  hermetic weld applications.

Our ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 certifications ensure that we meet all the requirements to successfully provide laser cutting, welding, drilling and other quality services. To learn more about the benefits of laser welding, be sure to download our eBook, “A Guide to Laser Welding: Conventional Welding vs Laser Welding.”

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