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Top Benefits of Laser Processing in Aerospace Applications

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Lasers are an incredibly versatile tool, especially in the aerospace industry. Though they are most commonly thought of as a cutting medium, they can actually perform a wide variety of functions for various applications. Aerospace Capabilities of Laser Processing One unique aerospace application for a non-cutting laser capability is hermetic laser sealing of electronic and […]

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Growing Demand for Advanced Technology Drives the Laser Industry

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The demand for advanced technology and, specifically, the use of lasers in new applications, has been quickly growing across the defense and security, industrial, and medical industries. According to the research firm MarketsandMarkets, the global laser technology market is set to become a $17 billion industry by 2020. The combination of downward pressure on manufacturing […]

The 5 Advantages of Laser Welding for Aerospace Applications

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Laser welding serves a wide range of industries, including aerospace, industrial, medical and nuclear, among many others. For the aerospace industry in particular, laser welding capabilities have played an integral role in everything from flight components to airport security procedures. Because laser-enabled welding provides precision from start to finish, it serves as an effective process for not only […]

Why Fill Out a Customer Survey?

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Customer surveys are an excellent way to gauge people’s opinions and find out what’s working for a company, while at the same time determining what areas could use improvement. Not only that, but surveys are great because they allow companies the opportunity to implement any necessary changes based on their customers’ feedback. It’s a win-win situation for both the customers […]

Precision Laser Processing for Orthopedic Components

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At Laserage, we maintain the experience and expertise required to manufacture components at the medical device industry’s highest levels of precision and quality. Through laser welding, laser cutting, shape setting, electropolishing, micro-abrasive blasting, annealing, and other high-tech processes, we can achieve the precision tolerances needed for medical components for the orthopedic industry. Lasers Processes for […]

The Current State of Medical Stent Manufacturing

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Originally reserved for cardiovascular applications, medical stent manufacturing now increasingly applies to a wide variety of medical industry applications including birth control, kidney stone pain control, and esophageal and gastrointestinal uses. Introduced in 1986 as laser cut stainless steel tubes, medical stents have changed the way that doctors treat coronary heart disease. Implanted in the […]


3 Benefits of Utilizing Femtosecond Laser Processing

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Femtosecond laser processing offers several other benefits compared to conventional laser processing technologies. Here are the top three reasons to consider femtosecond laser processing: 1. Minimal Surface Debris Conventional laser machining can frequently produce droplets of molten metal around worked edges.  As the machining process continues, debris (also called swarf) can accumulate on the work […]

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Wearable Technology and the Medical Industry

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Innovative technologies have led to gradual improvements in healthcare over the recent years. Many people are living longer and healthier lives thanks to the increased screening capabilities of unique medical devices. In the past two years, the wearable medical device market has soared; consumers are embracing wearable products, such as fitness trackers, and healthcare practitioners […]


Quality Medical Devices: from Prototype to Production

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The medical device industry is constantly changing due to new technologies and shifting market demands. Often, the industry changes at such a fast rate that several medical device manufacturers have difficulty keeping up. By the time a company gets a device approved and into production, one of their competitors has already seized the moment and built […]


Laserage California has Relocated

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Laserage California recently relocated to Milpitas, CA. The new facility gives us added process capabilities in the region and moves Laserage California closer to Venta Medical, Inc. (a Laserage subsidiary focused on medical device contract manufacturing). In fact, the new facility is right next door to Venta Medical’s 16,000 sq. ft. facility and adds an […]