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Resource Library

At Laserage, we are committed to providing the valuable resources you need in order to make your job easier. Our Resource Library contains a variety of downloadable materials related to our company and our laser processing services including: ebooks, ISO certifications, compliance statements and global policy conflict minerals.

eBook: A Guide to Laser Welding: Conventional vs Laser Welding

Laser welding is now the favored method of welding over conventional welding such as TIG or MIG welding. Discover the benefits, advantages, and limitations of both welding methods to determine if welding meets your application needs.


eBook: The Evolution of Medical Stents

Due to the advancement of technology, the medical stents have seen major improvements throughout the years in both design and material. Learn more about the modern stent manufacturing industry in our eBook.


eBook: Developing Quality Medical Devices with Precision Laser Processing

Developing Quality Medical Devices with Precision Laser Processing is a comprehensive guide that details the vital considerations for every medical device designer and engineer.


eBook: Design for Manufacturability: Maximizing the Advantages of Laser Cutting

Validating design integrity & verifying manufacturability early in the development process can save significant time and costs.


eBook: Laser Processing for the Medical Device Industry

For medical devices, the pinpoint precision of lasers is the most valuable technology for cutting, welding, drilling & marking components.


eGuide: Quality Standards for Laser Technology Contract Manufacturers

Manufacturing medical devices is a difficult & challenging process. Do you know the right questions to ask before trusting a laser technology contract manufacturer with your medical device project?


eBook: Validation Efforts for Laser-Processed Medical Components

Current Good Manufacturing Practices and the FDA require explicit information on the laser processing of medical components. Ensure that your products meet these specifications by understanding validation efforts.

ISO 13485:2003 Certificate

This certification verifies that Laserage is ISO-approved to design & manufacture products for medical device applications. Obtain a copy of this certificate for your files.

ISO 9001:2008 Certificate

This certification verifies that Laserage meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2008. Obtain a copy of this certificate for your files.

Venta ISO Cert

ISO 13485:2003 Certificate
Venta Medical, Laserage (CA)

This certification verifies that Venta Medical and Laserage (CA) meet the requirements of ISO 13485:2003. Obtain a copy of this certificate for your files.


RoHS Compliance Statement

This document is intended to inform Laserage customers about our ability to provide RoHS-compliant products.


REACH Compliance Statement

This statement pertains to regulation (EG) no. 1907/2006 (REACH regulation), which is an EU-chemical regulation that became effective as of January 22, 2016.


Global Code of Conduct

This policy establishes our commitment to conducting business, on a global basis, that is in compliance with applicable laws & regulations & is in accordance with the highest standards of integrity & business ethics.

CM.10, Global Policy, Conflict Minerals