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3 Benefits of Utilizing Femtosecond Laser Processing

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Femtosecond laser processing offers several other benefits compared to conventional laser processing technologies. Here are the top three reasons to consider femtosecond laser processing:

1. Minimal Surface Debris

laser-cutting Conventional laser machining can frequently produce droplets of molten metal around worked edges.  As the machining process continues, debris (also called swarf) can accumulate on the work piece, which can result in heavy contamination that is difficult to remove.

Using an ultrafast femtosecond laser produces minimal amounts of debris; the residual debris takes the form of a fine dust, which does not carry heat, is not bound to the surface, and is, therefore, easier to remove.

2. No Heat Damage

Ultrashort noncontact femtosecond laser pulses have a lower energy impact and reduce the amount of thermal damage in worked pieces. Unlike lasers with longer pulse widths, they can be used to produce long channels with high aspect ratios and little residual damage or stress in the material.

Femtosecond lasers exhibit two ablation phases: a gentle and a strong ablation phase. The gentle phase results in controlled melting and vaporization. The strong phase can be used to ablate long, narrow channels with high aspect ratios.

Overall, femtosecond lasers produce high-quality cuts without damaging entrance or exit surfaces and without adding stress to the machined part.

3. Little to No Post-Processing Needed

Femtosecond laser technology uses short pulses that leave no thermal fingerprint. Worked pieces require minimal post-processing and can be more finely detailed because of the smaller beam size. This is particularly useful for medical devices like catheters, heart valves, and stents.

Fiber lasers can cut precisely, but parts require lengthy post-processing operations, which add to project costs and can lead to damaged parts. Femtosecond lasers use a cold ablation process that is superior in quality and precision to the melt-ejection process of fiber lasers.

How Laserage Can Help

Laserage is equipped with ultra-fast femtosecond lasers for all your precision machining needs. Our lasers produce no surface debris, heat damage, or cracking, which saves post-processing time and reduces costs.

Contact us today to learn more about this innovative technology. You can also learn more about our other laser capabilities, including laser drilling and laser welding.

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