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Quality Medical Devices: from Prototype to Production

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The medical device industry is constantly changing due to new technologies and shifting market demands. Often, the industry changes at such a fast rate that several medical device manufacturers have difficulty keeping up. By the time a company gets a device approved and into production, one of their competitors has already seized the moment and built a similar product.

medical-device-ebook-coverIdeally, your company’s goal should be to get their product to market in the shortest time possible—it’s also important to consider other vital factors, such as materials, industry standards, and manufacturing processes.

Among medical device designers and engineers, one of the biggest questions is “what does it take to turn an idea into a profitable and valuable product?” At Laserage, our team has over 35 years of experience providing laser processing services to various manufacturers; we invite you to learn more with our latest eBook titled Developing Quality Medical Devices with Precision Laser Processing.

Getting Started

Let’s say you have an interesting idea for a medical device—a product that might be able to fulfill diverse customer needs in the marketplace. In order to see your idea through to production, there are many steps that need to be followed.

For example, companies frequently conduct market research and concept testing prior to investing in prototyping; these steps provide medical device designers and engineers with critical data, such as recognizing potential customers and understanding if the product is actually achievable.

Finalizing a Design

Once a workable design is agreed upon, a prototype is made for testing and marketing purposes. Thanks to stunning advancements in laser technology, prototypes are no longer as cost-prohibitive. In fact, many companies manufacture a variety of prototypes to showcase their capabilities. Prototypes also enable designers to move forward with trials and testing sooner than in previous years.

From initial design, to proper material selection, and obtaining FDA certification, designers have a lot to consider throughout the entire development process. However, the rewards can be worthwhile if you can make the leap from approved design to market production as soon as possible.

With Laserage’s assistance, you’ll be able to streamline the product development process and create a truly remarkable product.

Download our new eBook, Developing Quality Medical Devices with Precision Laser Processing, for more information on taking your product to the next level. You can also contact us with any questions.

Download our eBook: Developing Quality Medical Devices with Precision Laser Processsing