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Choosing a Contract Manufacturer for Medical Devices

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Medical practitioners and their patients greatly rely on technology each day. To accommodate increasingly demanding applications, modern medical devices and equipment are held to the highest possible standards. Compliance with industry standards are a necessity for any manufacturer, as their products play a vital role in patient care.

QualityStandardsCOVERIn an effort to create higher-quality medical devices, contract manufacturers have adopted the use of laser technology. Methods such as laser cutting, welding, drilling, and marking meet the all requirements of medical industry standards.

Deciding on an ideal contract manufacturer can be a difficult process, as there are many considerations to bear in mind. Many companies simply don’t know what to expect from their contractors.

At Laserage Technology Corporation, our team is well-versed in the product requirements of the medical industry. When the time comes to choose a contract manufacturer, we want you to make the best decision possible—we’ve created a Quality Standards Checklist to help.

This free-to-download checklist outlines important questions every potential customer should be asking. These questions include information regarding:

  • Quality Manuals that outline manufacturers’ quality management goals and procedures
  • Certification with vital industry standards, such as ISO 13485
  • Conducting of both internal and external audits
  • Process validation services, such as Design of Experiment (DOE) and Validation Plan
  • Product inspection capabilities and equipment
  • Compliance with RoHS and export control policies
  • Practice of global codes of conduct
  • Compliance with REACH regulations
  • Full-time quality assurance personnel

Today’s medical applications demand higher-performance solutions and manufacturers capable of providing these solutions. At Laserage Technology Corporation, we have over three decades of experience supporting medical OEMs with our contract manufacturing services. We are more than capable of exceeding the most stringent industry standards.

Download our free Quality Standards Checklist to learn what you should expect from exceptional contract manufacturers. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions.

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