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Venta Medical Acquires Formed Polymer Solutions

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Over its nearly 40-year tenure, Laserage Technology Corporation has become one of the country’s foremost providers of laser contract manufacturing services, including laser cutting, laser drilling and laser welding. There are several qualities that separate us from other manufacturers—most notably, our team is dedicated to delivering the highest quality products and services.

In our quest to be recognized as the world’s premier laser processing company, Laserage has greatly expanded its offerings through acquisitions. By acquiring companies that share our unique commitment to quality, we gain new capabilities to better serve consumers.

In December 2013, Laserage was proud to acquire Venta MedicalSM, a well-known medical device contract manufacturer. The synergy between the two companies was extraordinary, and we seek to duplicate those results with our acquisition of Formed Polymer Solutions, Inc.

A California-based company, Formed Polymer Solutions (FPS) is a developer and manufacturer of custom-made plastic products that serve the medical device industry. FPS specializes in precision processes that include catheter tipping, micro-molding, flanging, and flaring of various thermoplastic materials.

The FPS team manufactures products using nearly any thermoplastic material; examples include polyurethane, PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), FEP (fluorinated ethylene propylene), PEBAX (polyether block amide), nylon, and polyethylene.

Additionally, Formed Polymer Solutions has extensive in-house mold and tool making capabilities. With these capabilities, FPS brings rapid prototyping for development and quick scale manufacturing to Venta MedicalSM, Laserage’s subsidiary company.

The distinctive thermal forming abilities of Formed Polymer Solutions will help Venta MedicalSM  expand its product offerings. In time, Venta MedicalSM  will be able to provide new and existing consumers with custom componentry and formed polymer sub-assemblies.

“The acquisition of FPS gives us the ability to manufacture a wider range of thermoplastic components with micro precision requirements,” said Venta MedicalSM  President Karl Im. “With the integration of FPS’s capability, Venta can serve a wider base of customers seeking to outsource their projects to a one-stop-shop operation,”

FPS President and founder Peter Swenson is also looking forward to joining the Laserage family. “[It] will give us the platform to serve more clients outside of our immediate area, while better serving our current clients with full turn-key manufacturing capability as part of Venta Medical’s team,” Swenson said. “We envision a successful future for the clients we serve and our combined companies.”

At Laserage, we also envision much success emerging from this collaboration. More importantly, our customers in the medical device industry will receive even higher quality products and services.

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