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Design for Manufacturability: Maximizing the Advantages of Laser Cutting

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It’s not easy to succeed in today’s global marketplace. But here at Laserage® Technology Corporation, we’re light years ahead in helping you achieve that goal. Our company specializes in precision tube cutting, laser scribing, machining, drilling, welding, and other custom laser job shop services.

Cutting-Laser-13-5x5As the largest custom laser job shop in the world, we laser process metals, plastics, fused quartz, alumina and most other materials—with consistent high quality, on-time delivery, and cost competitive prices.

But it takes more than that. In order to beat your competition and speed time to market, you also need to control development costs with efficient processes from start to finish.

And that’s where design for manufacturability (DFM) comes in. Also known as DFM, this engineering practice takes into account both the design of your product, as well as its ease of manufacturing. By validating design integrity and verifying manufacturability early in the development process, significant savings of time and development costs, improvement in manufacturing productivity, and acceleration of time-to-market can be achieved.

Laserage-Designing-for-Manufacturability-Laser-ProcessingLaser cutting machines use stimulation and amplification techniques to convert electrical energy into a high-density beam of light; it’s a powerful technology in the hands of skilled professionals. But it’s important to implement the right laser cutting strategy to achieve the highest accuracy, highest throughput, highest reliability, and lowest cost.

The goal of any DFM initiative is to achieve a simple solution rather than a complex one. Complex designs are harder to manage overall.  But as one of the most efficient and cost effective fabrication methods, laser technology is perfect for a simple way of creating all shapes and sizes of components you need!

We understand design for manufacturability can be difficult, so we have developed a new eBook, Design for Manufacturability: Maximizing the Advantages of Laser Cutting.  As experts in precision laser contract manufacturing, we have the experience and resources to help you reap the cost and quality benefits that laser processing has to offer.

Learn more by downloading our latest  eBook: Design for Manufacturability: Maximizing the Advantages of Laser Cutting. You can also contact us or submit a request for quote today.