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Choosing The Right Laser Technology Contract Manufacturer

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Manufacturing medical devices is an exacting science that leaves very little room for error. People’s lives are on the line, so every step of the process requires the utmost care and quality control.

In order to create durable and effective medical devices, most manufacturers rely on cutting-edge laser technology. As you might imagine, the process of choosing the perfect laser technology can be daunting and often confusing. At Laserage, we understand how difficult it can be, that is why we offer our customers a detailed checklist.  This checklist is titled “Choosing a Laser Technology Contract Manufacture for Your Medical Device” and is available on our website.

This practical checklist, takes you through ever step in finding the best laser technology contract manufacturer, so you can make an informed decision that just might mean the difference between success and failure.

These critical questions include:

  •          Do they have their own Quality Manual?
  •          Do they have ISO 13485 certification?
  •          Do they conduct internal and allow external audits?
  •          Do they perform process validation?
  •          Do they have their own inspection capabilities?
  •          Do they have export control compliance policy?
  •          Do they have a global code of conduct?
  •          Do they practice REACH compliance?
  •          Do they have a RoHS policy?
  •          Do they have a full-time Director of Quality?

We take your medical device project from R&D through pilot production, to volume production. As well, we are constantly making significant investments to keep our laser technology ahead of the latest innovations. That is why we feel especially proud to say that we can answer YES to all these critical questions. Laserage is a truly reliable and cutting-edge laser contract manufacturing partner.

If you want a copy of Laserage’s “Choosing a Laser Technology Contract Manufacture for Your Medical Device”, or want to learn how we can add value to your project, please visit our website or contact one of our customer service representatives today.