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Venta Medical

Venta Medical is a medical device contract manufacturer, providing comprehensive manufacturing services to medical and life science companies. In 2013, Laserage Technology Corporation acquired Venta Medical in order to offer more comprehensive services and establish a California presence that has been key in serving the medical technology industry.


Laserage Technology Corporation is a recognized leader in the laser processing industry. Through the use of our custom-designed CO2, Nd:YAG, fiber, disk and Femto laser systems, we offer a wide variety of laser processing services and are equipped to handle small- to high-volume production.

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How to Find the Right Laser Processing Partner

To ensure that your medical device manufacturing projects are accomplished as efficiently and quickly as possible, it’s important to find the right laser processing partner. Choosing the right partner for your specific needs will save time, reduce costs, conserve resources, and give you confidence that your project will be completed smoothly through a reliable partnership. […]

Versatility in Lasers and How It’s Expanding the Technology Market

Laser technology, while groundbreaking, is becoming increasingly ubiquitous. Cutting-edge light detection technology has contributed to archaeologists’ discovery of lost cities and TSA checkpoint attendants’ identification of dangerous objects.  Therapeutic tools can now repair nerve damage and continue to enhance precision in surgery. Laser processing can truly be found everywhere. The versatility of laser technology bodes […]

5 Growth Trends in Fiber Lasers

Laser technologies are managing to overcome a slowing economy due to the popularity of devices such as fiber lasers. Global sales for this market are expected to reach about $10.5 billion in 2016 and $14.67 billion by 2022. The solid laser market is leading this tremendous growth because of their impressive and practical characteristics: cost-effectiveness, […]