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Venta Medical

Venta Medical is a medical device contract manufacturer, providing comprehensive manufacturing services to medical and life science companies. In 2013, Laserage Technology Corporation acquired Venta Medical in order to offer more comprehensive services and establish a California presence that has been key in serving the medical technology industry.


Laserage Technology Corporation is a recognized leader in the laser processing industry. Through the use of our custom-designed CO2, Nd:YAG, fiber, disk and Femto laser systems, we offer a wide variety of laser processing services and are equipped to handle small- to high-volume production.

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Quality Medical Devices: from Prototype to Production

The medical device industry is constantly changing due to new technologies and shifting market demands. Often, the industry changes at such a fast rate that several medical device manufacturers have difficulty keeping up. By the time a company gets a device approved and into production, one of their competitors has already seized the moment and built […]

Laserage California has Relocated

Laserage California recently relocated to Milpitas, CA. The new facility gives us added process capabilities in the region and moves Laserage California closer to Venta Medical, Inc. (a Laserage subsidiary focused on medical device contract manufacturing). In fact, the new facility is right next door to Venta Medical’s 16,000 sq. ft. facility and adds an […]

Choosing a Contract Manufacturer for Medical Devices

Medical practitioners and their patients greatly rely on technology each day. To accommodate increasingly demanding applications, modern medical devices and equipment are held to the highest possible standards. Compliance with industry standards are a necessity for any manufacturer, as their products play a vital role in patient care. In an effort to create higher-quality medical […]