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Venta Medical

Venta Medical is a medical device contract manufacturer, providing comprehensive manufacturing services to medical and life science companies. In 2013, Laserage Technology Corporation acquired Venta Medical in order to offer more comprehensive services and establish a California presence that has been key in serving the medical technology industry.


Laserage Technology Corporation is a recognized leader in the laser processing industry. Through the use of our custom-designed CO2, Nd:YAG, fiber, disk and Femto laser systems, we offer a wide variety of laser processing services and are equipped to handle small- to high-volume production.

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Choosing The Right Laser Technology Contract Manufacturer

Manufacturing medical devices is an exacting science that leaves very little room for error. People’s lives are on the line, so every step of the process requires the utmost care and quality control. In order to create durable and effective medical devices, most manufacturers rely on cutting-edge laser technology. As you might imagine, the process […]

Laserage: Quality In Precision Manufacturing

To the average person, the word “quality” means something subjective. To us though, the word “quality” has an objective meaning. At Laserage, our quality policy is known as “Focus on Excellence”: Focus on Excellence means quality is the responsibility of all Laserage employees, who all understand the impact they have on quality. We exceed customer […]

Laser Processing For Medical Devices

In the medical industry, lasers have enabled manufacturers to reach new heights of quality in devices that must deliver accurate, consistent and timely results for patients. First introduced in 1965, lasers today are used in a number of industrial applications, and are known to produce exceptionally precise results. Thanks to laser processing technology, modern medical […]